• 2003

    “Tibet Brightness Action by Medical team of The Ministry of Health, China”
    EDER donated ophthalmic microscopes to Nagarzê County, Tibet

  • 2008

    “Vision first, Chinese action”
    EDER participated in Brightness Action in Zhaojue County, Xichang

  • 2010

    “Yushu Earthquake in Qinghai province”
    EDER donated surgical microscopes to the PLA medical team

  • 2011

    “Africa Brightness Action with Chinese Medical Team”
    EDER donated 7 sets of portable surgical microscopes

  • 2014

    “Shanghai Medical Team supports Xinjiang”
    Microscopes of EDER was involved

  • 2017

    “Glorious cause Xinjiang Action”
    EDER donated ophthalmic device

  • 2018
    EDER has launched the global training program on ophthalmic microscopes
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